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Disappointed in Winwing....

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So I bought both the Taurus and the Libra. I do play Start Wars Squadrons with friends so I started with that. As SWS has a bug where you can not assign a button to drift I wanted to assign a keyboard key to one of the buttons on my WinWing.

I did not succeed. I have 25 year experience in IT (both systems as programming) but I have not been able to assign a key to a button on a joystick that costed me 1000 Euro !!!!

I have searched but I cannot find anything online, there is no documentation for the simapppro at all.

Even the functionality for DCS I do not understand. Yes I can bind all buttons in DCS itself which is fine but what does the cloud download do ? How can I make a macro or assign a keyboard key to a button ? This seems like basic functionality to me.

People complain about Thrustmaster Target software but I had no problem at all using it just by playing with it for 10 minutes.

I hope somebody can help otherwise I regret buying Winwing.

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DCS supports assignment of buttons for keys used in game.  If you're unsure how to do that, have a scan on youtube, there's plenty of videos.


If you want to have a key press that isn't part of DCS functionality, that can easily be done using say voiceattack.

Have to say that I'm a little confused why you even mention WW, when clearly this is a user knowledge issue.

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@Mr_sukebe did you even read my post ? I said I can assign buttons in DCS but anymore advanced configuration is impossible. I understand I can use other software tools to do what I want (joystick gremlin for example). The reason I mention Winwing is because this is a  Winwing issue.


Is it stupid to expect a manual for 1000 euro kit ?

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You might expect a manual for $1000 euro, but I'm surprised that anyone would want to actually read a joystick manual unless it's about how to do mechanical adjustments.


Winwing and Thrustmaster joysticks are "dumb" input devices in the same way.

They simply send on/off button or axis values to a standard joystick interface. 

You need to do what everyone else does which is to use software like Gremlin, Helios, DCS-BIOS, FreePIE or DCS-BIOS to do any sort of control logic.

In my experience, Target software is total garbage.


It took me 10 years, but I have perfected my control inputs which includes several devices, including MIDI surfaces in my "pit"

Python scripting with FreePIE and vJoy is optimal to me and I've tried everything. It works with any sort of control input.

All of my planes are scripted how I like and I never have to mess with Target or anything. Just jump in and fly.






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I don’t remember having any trouble with that game including drifting using any of my gear, and I have zero IT experiences (don’t see any correlation).  These are standard Windows HID peripherals and should behave like any other joysticks or throttles.

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@BigBen_JMIf you cannot understand the functionality of DCS World maybe you should read the manuals.

Why should DCS World have functionality to assign a keyboard key to a button? You can bind buttons directly to commands; no need to emulate keyboard button presses.

And DCS World is a sim, not an arcade game and it's not designed to let you implement macros that would give you an unfair advantage in combat.

Having said that, DCS World does provide macros that automate the lengthy start-up sequence, and although I'm not an IT professional I have built on that to create macros that do not amount to cheats.

Last not least, if you have problems using the WinWing controllers with Star Wars Squadrons, I suggest you post your questions on the appropriate forum. This forum is for WinWing in the context of DCS World.


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From what I can see, OP knows he can program it in DCS, but is asking how to program the bindings in WinWing's SimAppPro.


I actually have the same question as I get the impression that the controls editor is not there yet, at least for these panels I got (I remember seeing "coming soon" when I clicked on manual bindings option or whatever it's called like).

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