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Mission 4 tips?

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Can anyone say how they've approached this mission? I've tried it a few times now but coming up against the same issues.


I'm trying to fly low enough to terrain mask against the SA-10, but 2 out of 3 attempts my wingmen have crashed into the ground or each other, or when I tell them to attack they just immediately fly straight up and get shot down. The Springfield SEAD flight doesn't seem to do anything as their HARMs are shot down easily by the SA-10 or the SA-15.


Every time I pop up for the attack I'm being immediately fired on by the SA-10 if I come from the south, or the Gauntlet if I come from the east.


Not really sure how to do this...

- i7-7700k

- 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz

- GTX 1080 8GB

- Installed on SSD

- TM Warthog


DCS Modules - A-10C; M-2000C; AV8B; F/A-18C; Ka-50; FC-3; UH-1H; F-5E; Mi-8; F-14; Persian Gulf; NTTR

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Hi LooseSeal, I would be interested to hear ideas too.  I always imagine an ideal world where these campaign forums are used by players for after action reports, tips, and discussion of techniques, but that seems rare sometimes. 🙂


My own advice would be to use the AGM-65s in PRE mode. (See F-16C manual pg 274.)  The target is at the steerpoint so the missiles should be right on target by default.  You can use the little ridge east of the target for cover.  Stay masked by the ridge until about 6nm from the target, pop-up, lock, and fire.  You really only need to be un-masked for a few seconds.  Aborting the attack is always an option if it takes longer to get a good lock.


I would suggest leaving your flight in trail formation so they are not too close behind if you happen to miss.  You are targeting the SA-10's tracking radar, so if all goes well, it will not be a factor anymore for your wingmen.  If you do not hit the radar, I have always had good luck with the wingmen taking it out themselves with the 'engage mission and rejoin' radio command.  (I will check it in the next big DCS update to see if anything has changed, although I have very little control over them if it has.)


I would also start a pre-programmed countermeasures program to automatically pump out chaff every few seconds the entire time you are on the attack.  (pg 290-293)  If you are doing that and the SA-15 is off your wing at a reasonable distance, that SAM will not be a factor even if it fires as you egress.


Of course, future work on the F-16, with ECM pods and better stand-off weapons will open up more possibilities.


The AGM-88s being shot down is 100% as intended and exactly as expected.  One SEAD flight without jamming support is not going to do much in this situation in the real world either.  The AGM-88s are intended to draw fire away from the player's flight, and maybe get a lucky hit, nothing more.   If the player is on time, the AGM-88s will coincide with their arrival, and will do enough.


On the wingmen, I do not know what to say.  If they fly into the ground or each other, that is unacceptable, but there is nothing I can do.


I would love to hear how others went about this mission.  This one, probably more than any others in the campaign, has no 'right' way to do it.

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Putting the flight into trail and then ordering an open formation seems to keep them from flying into the ground.


On my attempt, Springfield's HARMS actually killed the SA-10 seach and track radar, so there was little left for us to do than mop up the rest of the launchers.


One peculiar bug I had was with Colt 1-2 dying mid-air. The exact moment is visualised here, he just disappears mid-air. There was no SAM or AAA fire, and from his hud-view in tacview he is well above the ground (same level as the rest of us). 




Colt 1-2 Death.JPG

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