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IDEA - dl waypoints and other AWACS-tomacat interaction

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Goodmorning everyone.

I don't know if it's the correct section, but I wanted to present an idea to the heatblur teams. the awacs has several interactions with the tomcat that go beyond the target assignment. an example are the datalink waypoints which currently can only be entered via the mission editor. Would it be possible to integrate DLWPs with markers? Jester currently knows how to read markers and it could be useful to be able to insert DLWP markers and see them appear on the TID, as it would happen with an AWACS in reality. between the markers of the F10 map and the chat TAB, various commands related to the Datalink could be implemented to be used by the various human GCI during the mission phase.
Thank you for any community feedback or Heatblur feedback



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