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Say listen I got to visit the 190th Fighter Squadron during 2017's GOWEN THUNDER airshow.  I'd love to see some A-10C II Tank Killer repaints that look like they're from the USAF 190th Fighter Squadron out of Boise, Idaho.  


Help yourself to my images at https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5NgvDT like these two: 

An A-10 Heritage Team Demo Pilot Waves Back


Idaho ANG A-10 Flying Against the Boise Blue


Thanks for taking my request.  Very, very happy with my A-10C purchases!



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2 hours ago, AvgeekJoe said:


Sure and full disclosure: I'm kinda new here.  Been in a Digital Theme Park class since January how to fly this beauty.  So can you please tell me how to edit the repaint?  Thanks!


Welcome to the party, pal!


I updated it for you. I added blue and red tail flash, and some different nose art options.




Same download link as before, 190th FS "Skullbangers" Skin (digitalcombatsimulator.com)

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