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How to Hover . ?

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How do you get this thing to hover . I find it nearly impossible . . is there a cheat switch to push so i can just hover instead of frustrating hours of trying . 

Miss the whole battle trying to hover . what am i doing wrong here . far too sensitive for me  .

KA-50 i have no problems . 

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It can be really difficult. Especially if you have been used to flying other helicopters. Here are some tips that helped me.



1.   Reduce your X- and Y- saturation. Here are the settings I used.  https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/202979-the-key-to-zhe-gazelle/?do=findComment&comment=3889219   The video in that post is also worth watching.


2.  Make sure you have the necessary stabiliser/gyro on (p99 of the manual). If you are starting out, create a hot-start mission so it is already on for you (it removes the ambiguity of whether you turned it on or not).


3.  Set the artificial horizon to "DOP" (= doppler, p78 of the manual). This lets you know if you are going too fast or not to get into auto-hover.


4.  Enable the control indicator (I think it is Rctrl+Enter). This will let you check if your controls are too extreme, but it also lets you see the position of them when you are in autohover.


5.  Start by practising from a hot-start, lift off and immediately go into auto-hover on takeoff.


6.  Fly with maximum load. Unlike other helicopters, where this is usually a problem, the SA342 has so much power-to-weight ratio, that adding a dust filter, full fuel, full weapons, IR suppressor, and everything will actually give it some inertia and make it (very slightly) more manageable.


Finally, I assume you've taken at look at Chapter 11 of the manual (p129). This as the details fro the autopilot (incl. auto-hover) controls.



Ref: Polychop/DCS: SA342 Gazelle Flight Manual (the one that comes with the module).


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Maybe this could help:

Apply power slowly and continuously.

Look forward and keep your nose straight with your feet.

Do not touch the cyclic.

You will notice that the helicopter is lifting nicely almost in a hover position. The helicopter has a tendency to move slightly forward and right (IIRC). This movement is easily cancelled with the beep trim but this can come a bit later on.


Long story short, apply power gently, keep your nose straight and don't touch anything else.



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That may help you alot:


Hover tutorial and background  and take your time to watch the whole video.


Set curves as suggested and tune it to fit your joystick/throttle (i.e. collective) hardware. And the rest is all practise. In battle take your time, look for a sweet spot to explore the AO outside the range of AAA/AA units, search for high priority threats, check distance using the laser, move in, pop up in auto hover mode (if you are flying without a copilot) by de-selecting (auto)- collective, hide again.


I recently came back to the Gaz and it´s my favourite helo righ now.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]my rig specs: i7-4790K CPU 4.50GHz, 32GB RAM, 64bit WIN10, NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, SSD+


A10C, UH-1H, M2C, F5E, Gazelle, KA 50, F18C, DCS 2.5x OB

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