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Zone 5 Hop 3 - One of the subtitles during the ramp start mention Topgun instead of Sniper

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Small typo, voiceover is OK

Phenom II X4 BE@4GHz, 8GB Ram DDR3 9clock, Intel 320 SSD, MSI Twinfrozr GTX560Ti, Win7 64, TrackIR5, Hotas Cougar, Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals


Textures High, Scenes Medium, Civ Traffic Low, Water Medium, Visib Range High, Heat Blur On, Shadows High, Res 1680x1050, Res of Cockpit Displays 256, MSAA 8xQ, HDR Warm, Clutter/Bushes 31m, Trees 5520m, Cockpit Shadows On, TSSAA Off, Mirrors Off


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