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How many Mi-24P Hind will have R-60M missiles?

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Not sure, I've seen the single inner mounts plenty, but also seen double racks (horizontal double racks on the outermost pylons, and MiG-21 style double racks on the middle pylons).

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1 hour ago, Mars Exulte said:

One on each wingtip

Not on the wingtip. Mi-24 carried one R-60 under each central pylon mounted on APU-60-1 or 2 under each central pylon on APU-60-2.


On 3/26/2020 at 4:34 PM, PilotMi8 said:
Flаnker said:
PilotMi8,не подскажите сколько максимально Р-60 может нести Ми-24? интересует возможность вешать спаренные ПУ на внутренние точки подвески (те которые ближе к фюзеляжу)

2АПУ по 2 АУР


Example of single R-60 mounted on APU-60-1



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