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Uneven loadaout aircraft rolls indefinately

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I think this behaviour is not correct, if there is more weight on one wing the aircraft will roll in the heavier wing direction which is correct but then it will not stop when it reaches the lowest point, it will continue to go upwards with heavy load on it, then when the wing reaches the top it continues the rotation, I think it shouldn't go upwards, maybe by a small amount but it should stay definitely on the down side. This defies laws of gravity.


Included 2 tracks



Uneven loadout rotation.trk Uneven loadout rotation2.trk

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Unfortunately it’s not actually related to gravity at all.


The roll is induced due to the aircrafts center of gravity moving laterally towards the heavier side, whilst the centre of lift remains centred about the aircraft’s physical dimensions. This offset between the two opposing forces (lift & weight) creates a couple that rotates the aircraft about its longitudinal axis.


Picture a poorly balanced, asymmetrical paper airplane, spiralling through the air after being thrown. It’s effectively the same principle.


Therefore a continuous rotation is completely correct.

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