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For sale: Reverb G1 & TM f/a 18 stick

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Hi all, 

I upgraded to a G2 a few months ago already and the pottential buyer of my G1 has other expenses so I place it here for sale. 

That G1 pro was bought in october 19 and has the proper cable fix. 



Next item is a TM F/A18 stick. 

I wanted to mod it to swap SCS and Trim switches to simulate the harrier but I barelly fly that module and have a second TM f18 stick on my rig so it is redundent. 

It is modded with OTTO P1 butons for weapon release and undesignate switches just like the real hornet stick.  a 4.5lbs release for the weapon and a 2.5 for the undesig... 


would like 200eur on that one. 



Buyer pays the shipping costs but would prefer shipping in EU as I m in Belgium. 

paypal or revolut transfer OK. 


more info via MP if you want. 


Best regards.. 



Rig: MB Gigabite z390UD, CPU Intel I7 8700k, RAM 32G DDR4 3200 Gskill ripjaws, GPU MSI RTX2080SuperOC, HDD Crucial mx500 1tb M2 sata, PSU Corsair 850W, watercooling Corsair h100,


Controlers TM f/a 18 stick on Virpil warbrd base, TM cougar f16 stick on cougar base, Cougar F16 throttle on TUSBA, ch pedals, TM cougar MFD


27" monitor with trk IR 5 and HP Reverb HMD.



Modules F18, F16, F86, Mig15, FW 190D9, Nellis range map, Aggr campaign, Middle East map

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