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DSC-BIOS: how can I make an LED blink

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I would like to display the status of the LTD/R switch via a flashing LED.

In reality the LTD/R switch is a magnetic switch. I would use a normal switch instead of the magnetic switch, which does not remain in the on position, but goes back to the off position by a spring. (momentary switch)

To see at a glance if the laser is "armed" I would like to show the armed state with a blinking LED.

For this purpose there is the following line in the Control Reference in DCS BIOS:


DcsBios::LED ltdRArm(0x74c4, 0x0100, PIN);

this works as far as possible.


How do I get this LED blinking?.

How do I get that in the Arduino Sketch? Can someone help me?




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Hi Rapti,


normally there is a "blink" sketch within the arduino sketch folder.

But I wouldn´t recommend that, as it uses a "delay" function, causing your arduino sketch to stop for a certain time.

Instead of that I would use statements like "if (ltdRArm == HIGH) { ... }" and code snippets from a "Blink Without Delay" sketch, available on the internet, e.g. from here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BuiltInExamples/BlinkWithoutDelay


Regards, Vinc

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Regards, Vinc

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