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Reverb G2 audio problems

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Hey everyone,


I've been looking all over the internet and can't seem to find anybody who encounters the same problem:


When flying in DCS I lately have the problem, that after a random amount of time the volume on the headset drops considerably to where I barely hear anything anymore. Like anyone else probably would, I counter this by turning up the volume. However, after another random amount of time, volume goes back to normal, therefore blasting out my ear drums. This happens at irregular intervals, sometimes multiple times, sometimes not at all.


I can't seem to find the root of the problem, nor anybody with an idea as to how to fix this. It used to work without a problem, but unfortunately I can't pinpoint the time when this problem started, so I am not sure whether it was a windows update, DCS update or something random.


I would be super happy if anybody had an idea on how to fix this, at it is becoming very annoying.





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Check you are on the latest windows update, and check your earphones.


I had an issue recently with mine playing very distorted sounds, but after a windows update and a restart it was better for me. 


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Unsure if the HP Firmware update for the HP Reverb G2 Audio relates to your issue but its worth checking (as already mentioned by X_legio)

HP Reverb G2 Audio Firmware Update






14 Rev.A

Operating systems:

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Release date:

Mar 12, 2021



This package contains the updated audio firmware for the HP Reverb G2.

Fix and enhancements:

- Resolves a potential issue where displays may flicker or go black when playing certain titles at high volume levels.


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