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Are there any plans to put the kneeboard on the pilots leg as in the Hornet?

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I do agree that this should be with the pilot model, but it should as well be a possible without the model. So that the kneeboard is just located where the kneeboard would be. Yes, be it floating in the air, but just show it there. 


Actually it would be great that ED would finally make a proper 3D kneeboard to be movable in 3D space and resized in proper manner, even make it so that looking at it would enlarge it (bring closer). 



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On 4/7/2021 at 1:10 PM, Johnny Dioxin (Brixmis) said:

That wouldn't be much use to those who don't use the pilot model in their cockpits 😉

No, but does it have to be to be a valid wish for those that do use the pilot model in their cockpits? 😉

Its funny with in-cockpit bodies, there are many threads where someone wants it implemented in an aircraft and someone who does not like it derails the thread by doing all they can to present evidence to why it should not be implemented for anyone. I mean they could just press Lshift + P to turn it off and let the ones that wants it have the possibility to turn it on so everyone could be happy. You never see someone that wants it trying to provide reasons on the forum to why it should be mandatory turned on for everyone. Wierd.

To me, if a module dont have in-cockpit body I dont fly it because I think it makes the VR experience so much less than with it. I have no problems with obscured switches, I just have a button on the mouse mapped to turn the body on/off.

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