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F-16C Fully opened nozzle on MAX AB

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So, I realized that most F-16s with GE engines irl open a little bit more than our GE engine in DCS, I'll show you guys a comparison between the real life ones vs DCS. Anyways this is a small thing, and it's my opinion, you don't need to comment anything if you don't agree.



Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.04.06 -

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I have no idea whether in RL or DCS the nozzle open the same amount.


What I do know is that 89-2176 from 421 FS at Hill AFB ( at the time of the photo posted by Mudhen1 ) and 88-0170 (posted By Texac)are both block 40, using the F110-GE-100. DCS is suppose to model the F110-GE-129.

I also know that F110-GE-100 at max AB in the ground, nozzle position should be 50 to 70%. In the Air, max AB nozzle pos is 50 to 95%. F110-GE-129: ground 50 to 70%. air 40 to 70% and both engine at high altitude and low speed should be 30 to 50%


So, if you go to max AB, Nos Pos can be the same or different every time as long as they are within those limits.

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To whom it may concern,

I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that.

Thank you for you patience.



Many people don't want the truth, they want constant reassurance that whatever misconception/fallacies they believe in are true..

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Visible at Idle, too. Just try to Idle engine at high speed, than slow down, apply L/G and slow down almost to landing speed. You'll see, the nozzle will open as the speed falls down...

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