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Syria Map Problems

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Recently I bought the Syria map because I was looking for map in the Middle East. It worked fine for a few hours, then it crashed. Which for me is normal. Had a super high density mission going on and just restarted the mission. When I restarted I was doing a gun run in the A-10C and then my game froze and then crashed. Tested this with Caucasus map and didn't happen. So I tried this again in Syria and happened over and over again. The only thing I noticed that was wrong on my computer was that the CPU and GPU utilization would drop whenever DCS froze and then leading to a crash. Happens around 890 feet. Otherwise playing the Map is fine.

Just wonder if anyone has also had this problem and if they did, how could it be fixed. Here Is my most recent log. And has crashed my Computer twice now.


Specs: AMD FX 6300

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti

16GB of ram

500 Watt Power Supply 

930gb SSD


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Many errors come from C:\Users\Owner\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts/DCS_Volanta.lua

Do you have something to do with this file? Try without one.

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BSOD indicates a hardware issue. A quick google search on the DPC Watchdog Violation error indicates it's most likely a driver causing the issue. 


Are your drivers up to date?


Is Windows up to date?  

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