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Help! Multiplayer seems to lock up network card after ~10 minutes.

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It -seems- like DCS is somehow locking up my PC Ethernet interface. It happens every time I play MP.

I've been struggling with this for days and hope someone might have some ideas for this.


- Everything works great in Multiplayer for maybe 10 minutes. 

- Suddenly, my PC loses internet entirely (browser, discord, etc)

- I'm completely desynced from the DCS server, but I can still play. DCS never crashes or anything.

- Internet does not recover until I exit DCS or reset network card.


I don't have similar problems with anything else

I have tried re-installing LAN drivers, older versions, etc.

I haven't played MP in awhile, so I can't pinpoint something I changed, but I had upgraded to an ASUS Z390-A

Nothing in DCS logs at all. Game doesn't crash. 


I ordered a WIFI adapter to isolate my network card/switch, but any ideas of what else to look for would be great.

I'd like to be connected with Ethernet





AMD Ryzen 5 2600 / 1080Ti / 32 GB DDR4 / Rift S / TMWH

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Update for anyone having the same problem. It appears to be a hardware/driver issue with the intel LAN interface on my Mobo.


I switched from Ethernet to USB wifi and that resolved all these issues.

The ASUS Z390-A motherboard has an intel i219-V Lan interface.

For some reason, DCS triggers some sort of hardware failure, but I don't think DCS is to blame.

intel is known to have LAN hardware bugs with no workaround, but nothing specific on the i219-v I could find.


I ordered a USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter and will call it a day if that works. PITA





AMD Ryzen 5 2600 / 1080Ti / 32 GB DDR4 / Rift S / TMWH

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