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How to edit Helios instruments?

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Hi there,


I'm trying to edit the Capt Zeen L-39 profile. I would like to exchange the ADI with the MiG-21 one that comes with Helios, but I can't get a grp on the basics. I've got an idea of how to work with Air Manager, but Helios seems to be a very different game. I checked youtube and the forum, but cannot find al the info I need.


Where are the gauges per cockpit stored? As for the L-39 ADI I found a part in C:\Users\Olli\Documents\Helios\Images\Capt_Zeen\L39, meaning the frame of the ADI, but not the black/blue horizon itself.


1) Where is the logic of the L39 ADI stored?

2) Where are the complete graphics of the ADI stored?

3) How can I change them?

4) Where is the MiG-21 ADI stored (see screenshot)? It's not in C:\Users\Olli\Documents\Helios\Images\Capt_Zeen\Mig21bis\instruments, even though some parts of it seem to be there

5) relates to 1) and 3): How can I link the MiG-21 ADI with the output data from the L-39?


Thanks, Olli


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Ouch! that's a complicated question!


Let's try!


Helios comes with a bunch of gauges already prepared to work on diferents airplanes, but unfortunately not all the gauges/airplanes are avaiables.


The L39 profile is very old, and when i created it, some years ago, there was not gauges or interface for it, so i create my custom ones, using a mix of custom controls and in some cases some already created gauges from other airplanes. For the Interface i used the A10C old interface, and made a conversion using a complicated script.

Today, when i create a new profile my life is easy, i got the generic interface,  the custom gauges, tapes and drums, i created for Helios, so everything is much easy.


But well, com back to the L39. The ADi here is made using the already build Helios KA50 ADI and then, on top, some other controls, using my own custom images, to add additions functionallity to the ADI.

So if you double click on top of the L39 ADi panel you can see all the layers on it, and select then to check which commans ( from the converted A10C) i used in every control.


If you wan to use the Mig21 helios ADI, you can do it.

You need to asign the L39 data to it, but remember you need to use the bindingd from the A10C ! As i tell you before  you can see where is everything linked if you open the actual L39 ADi and check the inputs over there.



Hope thats help


Anyway, if you find me online in my discord channel I will be happy to help you.






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