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Interview: Eagle Dynamics On "The Future Of DCS WORLD"

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Just found this some good points!


90% Single Player, that's where I am at and prefer but so much needs to come into development for that to really entertain me as a flight sim enthusiast, patiently waiting especially out of BETA state.


I do want both though Single-Player and Multi-Player sim'ing to be upfront.


The list of things I want implemented is huge and at least the continual updates keep me in rather than out but waiting.


More Third Parties is the key in my view so ED would greatly benefit with improved development tools  and contracts for them to plug in, whilst core coding is done via ED Team and other areas of development working in submitted branches.


Just my personal take.


Also point on PC build for DCS at high settings as I am waiting and choosing to hold on spending.


Also Napalm planned at some point ................"YES Please"


Great interview applause.



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