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A small but useful (could be) tip for increasing your FPS

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So this is based on my personal experience in the past few days, not sure if this could work for you, but it's worth a try:


Two days ago when I opened DCS and played on some MP servers, I noticed a significant FPS decrease from what I usually get before. In all maps, my FPS ranges from 30-60 fps and was getting some annoying stuttering. It got my attention because I can usually run DCS in MP and get about 70-100 FPS in all maps (1080P, High settings, MSAA x2, Nvidia control panel MFAA on). I have tried all methods but none of them was working. 


So I decided to clean the dust in my PC, and guess what? FPS went back to normal! 90-110 FPS in Caucasus map MP servers. 70-100 FPS in Persian Gulf. 


My Spec:

I7 7700k 


32GB Ram



Hope this could help some people. Cheers! 

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Thanks for sharing, always good to have a blow out of the machine 🙂

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I am running a little less than that. AMD Ryzen 7, 2700X, Asus Tuf GTX 1660 Super, 32 GB Ram DDR4 16500, SSD. Track IR.

Can almost run that quick in Syria mostly high/ultra similar setting (no DLSS) but a couple of things to help like you mention - non heat or cleanliness related, module settings.

Over Syria, the A-10 will chew way more FPS with the TGP/MAV screen MFD's up, and mirrors as opposed to the F-16 who's MFD's are simple with no moving maps. So in the A-10 I will flip up the mirrors, and only run the TGP and MAV Sensor screens when necessary - gives you back at good 10 to 15 FPS, no settings changed in the A-10C and high to ultra settings on the Syria map. Other maps benefit a bit, but not as drastic.


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