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F-14 Liveries (unpaintable spot)

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HI everyone,


I've been working the 2 past days trying to make a paint scheme for myself. Never found the way to paint these 2 parts (see in picture).

Is there a way to do it ? I've noticed that every plane I've seen so far have those 2 spots, it's worse in my case since that bottom part is white.




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On the current models of the F-14A and B that we have in hand, the gunport and active purge vent are supposed to be bare metal anyway. It's not just the HB_F14_EXT_02 you have to edit. It's probably the equivalent roughmet as well that provides the metallic alpha.

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Yeah, I'll be that guy, too:


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One correction here:


You need to go in to the roughmets, I believe in the Blue layer, and cut out the little door in the rear gas purge vent. The whole thing is painted to be metalic/chrome looking, but there is a door there in the gun port that should be TPS/painted, ie gull or ghost gray.




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