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Zone 5 Campaign Question

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If the moderator knows of the correct thread, please relocate because I can’t find exactly where to post this feedback.


First, I really like this campaign and how it’s implemented extra procedures and comms into the missions for the extra immersion. More to look forward to when ED revamps the ATC among other things. Very nice.


My question, or more of a comment, is on the second combat mission against the F-16C, the mission explicitly states, “No shots before the merge will count”. Well, my opponent just did and it still counted. I realize you can’t really control AI completely, but this seems like a cheap shot against the player. The result was the opponent shot before the merge with a sidewinder, I was hit, the negative outcome “showtime, you’re dead, blah, blah, blah”. I almost pressed escape and exited the mission until I remembered that he shot before the merge! So I then turned around and closed in and shot him down with a sidewinder. Then the outcome was positive, like nothing happened. Continued and landed normally.


At the end sure enough the mission score was 50! What?


I guess maybe there should be a bit more consistency with what happens for one. Maybe state that the opponent may shoot before the merge, so that the player knows that the opponent has the upper hand and still for the player to attempt rear aspect kills.


Otherwise, I do find the campaign fun, but just this problem does disappoint a bit. With all the procedures and rules of engagement present and you get this is very confusing.



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19 hours ago, Eagle7907 said:

At the end sure enough the mission score was 50!

The score is irrelevant. The result is important and it was 50 because you didn't find your parking spot.

"taxi back to your parking spot. It doesn't matter where you stop, the mission will be successful as long as you come to a full stop and you see the message."

Face shots happen but should not affect the fight.



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