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Cougar throttle RDR CURSOR stick question

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Hi all,


I just started using the Cougar throttle(currently connected through the stick as normal) and have an annoying issue, I was wondering what is the right solution.


When I first started using it, I found that the radar cursor stick did not work in DCS because it defaults to the last 2 DirectX channels. I opened the Cougar software and reassigned them to the toe brakes and clicked 'Apply' which makes it work in DCS.


However, I find that I have to do this every time I restart the machine. when I open the cougar software, it clearly remembers that I changed the radar cursor channels, but it is not applied on the throttle. I have open the software and just press 'Apply' every time i restart the machine.


Is there anyway to make this automated? As far as I can tell the memory in the Cougar itself is volatile so it has to be programmed every time?

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