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No FLIR option on DDI and LTD will not stay in the "On" Position

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Hi Everyone,


I'm sure its something I'm doing or not doing.... probably my fault.

Looking for some guidance or a second set of eyes. I cant get the FLIR button to appear on the DDI. This was a preset mission to train on the AGM-65E Maverick. If I understand it correctly the Targeting POD isnt needed as the "E" has its own seeker (?) and wasn't loaded onto the Jet when I loaded the mission. The FLIR is in the standby position. I switch it to ON when ready to use but before nor after does the "FLIR" option show on the DDI. I attached my Track File.


Any help is appreciated from this noob... Its been an interesting DCS ride so far. Im 1 month into the F/A 18c...


FLIR and LTD Issue.trk

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AGM-65E are laser guided, that means they need a laser ray to be guided on target. You can get them in two ways into DCS so far:

1) you can load a targeting POD on board and illuminate the target by yourself

2) the target can be "selected" by a ground squad's laser or another airplane that has a targeting Pod.

If you do not have anyone of those in your mission, well, forget launching a Maverick. Basically the head of the laser maverick search for a target which has a laser on it. The laser has a "code" that need to match  with the one of your missile(s) you get on your plane.  

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Figured it was something Im missing. I was able to get the code sorted but I didnt notice in the briefing the JTAC stuff. Im definitely going to try this mission when work is done.

Thanks everyone and Ill update this when I give it a try.

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