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Is there a blown tire landing procedure?

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This may or may not be F-16 specific, except that the F-16 has a hook, so, in theory, the procedure might be to take an arrested landing. 


But in DCS, that is not feasible at the moment.  So... is there a procedure for landing with a blown tire, or is it just put it close and eject?  


I've been playing around, as sort of a challenge, and just cannot seem to stop the jet with a blown tire.  It is easy to replicate, so it's rather fun as a challenge. 


Get an F-16, put external tanks on the wings, get your ground speed up real high, before rotating.  Most times you'll hear the tire go, and the gear dragging, then you can rotate.  If you hit G and F2 pretty quickly, you'll notice that the front wheel goes up, but the back don't.  Eventually you can get them up, but either way, flip back over, slow it down, and set up for a landing. 


At about 70 knots, or so, just when I think this is the time I'm going to do it, the gear with no tire really bites in, and the jet starts to rotate.  I'm going to give it a full boot of opposite rudder today when I get home from work, and see if I can keep it on the runway. 


But, if there is an actual procedure, following would be better, obviously. 

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If I have two bags, I would attempt a belly landing on the inerted wing tanks. Otherwise, I would eject.

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Check out the afterburn podcast. There are two episodes that deal with a similar situation you may find interesting and the report that followed. Caution as it is a real world event and the pilot tragically was lost, but it captures how much things that are minor in themselves spiral. 

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Hi all, 


please let me remind you of our rules about copying and pasting text real world manuals or other sims. 


Rules can be found at the top of the page. 




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leave gear down! Burn fuel so that external tanks are empty and internal fuel approx 2000lbs. Fuel inert does NOT protect external tanks but still flick that switch to inert, but Air refuel does depressurize external tanks so use this and land. Off course IRL you would try to get rid of any other store on board (especially bombs).


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