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Hi guys, 

Can anyone explain how when I'm testing AI and go into the game, that I am presented with a locked view of a radom asset. 


I place no human player down as I'm just testing AI. In the past I could use camera to check each unit. Now I'm locked into a view I cannot move nor escape from. 


It works if I place an aircraft as a 'player then I have use if the camera again, as you would expect.


I noticed a few weeks ago that when I play a regular single payer game that my initial view 8s not in the cockpit as one would expect but rather an external view that is not a F2 view. This view happens even when my mission starts immediately.  


Just wondering if there is some setting I'm using that I'm unaware of.


Thanks 😊


*Sorry, just noticed a thread for view bugs, probably needs moved to there 

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Spelling and request to move to another thread.
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The mission usually starts with F11 free camera view at some airport. Now depending on what you allow in the mission and what you set in DCS settings you can change to other views.

You can also upload the mission for us to test.

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