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question for DCS Liberation 2.4 users.

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As single player with warbirds I discovered a few days ago an excellent tool to create missions in DCS : DCS Liberation 2.4.

I have a Nvidia CG DirectX 3070 Geforce with a i9 processor but even with that not too bad hardwate I still have lags sometimes by playing a DCS Liberation mission cause - as mentionned into DCS Liberation tool by choosing a map - using DCS Liberation needs a good PC performance because of hundreds ground objects/vehicles/boats/planes loaded on the map choosed by the player.

Into DCS 2.4 tool I've noticed I could delete some ground units or objects from the side I'd chosen to play but only from that side (if I play blue i can delete blue objects but not red and conversely).

Then into DCS game/editor I can of course delete or add all I want after having loaded the DCS Liberation mission but deleting randomly selected ground objects/vehicles could unbalance the mission created by DCS Liberation even unplayable.

Question : is there a way to have in DCS Liberation 2.4 maps loaded with less ground objects/vehicles/planes e.g in order to keep the mission playable with less lags issues. Thanks for answers. 

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