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A question for those flying campaignes.

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I discovered campaigns maybe 3 months ago and have been having a blast until....I am now in my second campaign that I have stalled out in. First was about 10 missions into a 12 mission campaign. Now it's the 4th mission in a 10(?) mission campaign. In both I have flown the stall mission >10 times and can't get a win. So I am stuck. I can see that there is some slight justification, and I could certainly understand if this were real life training, for doing it this way. But I am not happy at all. In the current campaign I won mission 3 easily on my first try but mission 4???????? I would like to see either;

- you get a pass after 5(?) attempts, even if there is some negative notation put in your logbook

- a clickable button that I can use to move on.

I look at this as I would other pursuits. If I can win 8 of 10 missions, I have learned something. I will remember the 2 losses, but I think that as my overall skill increases, I would come back and try them. When I was flying just the DCS provided missions there were a lot of them I couldn't get through. So I went to others. As my skills increased, I often went back. Some times I really had to force my self, but I realized I needed to master that skill so I did the work. But right now, I completely blew up the main target, and then there were 2 escaping trucks. My two MavEs got one truck and missed the other. So now for lack of one dang truck, I am stuck and can't fly the remaining 6(?) missions. 

So what do you guys think? Should some type of 'move on' be included in campaigns? 


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Some campaigns have the option to skip to the next mission through the radio menu, and you're usually told at mission start.
You can also edit your pilots profile in Saved Games, but I've never done this, so you must search/look in the file to find out how. Missions in campaigns can also be played as single missions if you go to missions and browse through the file system.
I know it's not a solution, just a work around, so I hope it helps a little.

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I have recently started flying campaigns finally with the Hornet myself.

So far I have flown three different campaigns, two of them a couple of times. I am about to pick a fourth to embark on.


I am thoroughly enjoying it , learning more as I go. So far when I get stuck on a mission I will just keep trying it until I get it, sometimes asking for help on a particular mission on the forums.  And that is the way I like it, at least so far. That is not to say when I get into some more complex ones I might like what you are suggesting. I guess it is pretty much up to the campaign maker.

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yep  same  here   just  have  to  keep  trying  till   you  get  it  as the above  poster had  done in  the  serpents 2  campaigns 🙂


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A bypass facility for missions that fellow pilots are stuck on is often discussed. It’s a double edged sword though. It does give you the facility to move on without completing the mission your stuck on, but on the other hand can be a temptation to move on too quickly. This can rob you of the sense of achievement when you do finally crack the mission and perhaps a new skill you had to master to get it beat.

Have listened though and my new campaign, “The Rise of the Persian Lion” will have such a facility. You will be able to select in the first five minutes of a mission to move on even if you were to fail that mission later. I have limited the decision option to the first five minutes of a mission so not to make it too convenient.

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