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PVI-800, Shkval, and Target Point coordinates lacking altitude.

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There seems to be a bug with the Ka-50 PVI-800 coordinates. It fails to take coordinate altitude into account (or at the very least it's not consistent)

If you enter the decimal coordinates from the F10 map, it doesn't take into account the altitude of the target (on top of a mountain for example) but if you lock a target on top of said mountain that has the exact same coordinates and transfer the coordinates to the PVI-800 using the Shkval Target Point Designation method in the manual, then once you reset everything and uncage the Shkval while having the TP selected on the PVI-800 it immediately slews to the target.

Since there's no way of inputting altitude information in the PVI-800, it would seem that one of these approaches are wrong.

In this first image, the tank on top of the hill has the coordinates N23.374, E056.192
Two target points, with the first image showing what happens when you uncage the Shkval to coordinates that were inputted manually.


In this second image, the coordinates were inputted using the Shkval Target Point Designation. As you can see, when the Shkval uncages, it snaps directly to the target.

So, two identical target points, but only one of them takes altitude into account.

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IIRC this is the correct behavior. The pvi-800 has no way to enter altitude information, but when it reads targets from the datalink/shkval it stores altitude information.


@BIGNEWY On the real ka-50, is there a way for the ground crew to set a default altitude for entered target points? It seems like it would be weird to have the default altitude be sea level if you were operating far inland.

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Thank you. That makes sense. It would be great if we could get the ability to set the default altitude, although I realise it's not a priority right now.

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