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A device DIY to replace my mouse

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In a cyclic-collective configuration, usage of mouse (and for a right-hander) is not very easy and requires an available area.

My idea was to make a 'tactile' mouse with buttons suitable for dashboard instruments. (Initially for the Huey, but also usable in other modules).

A pad (recovered on an old PC) for the cursor.

In center, a rotary encoder to replace the mouse wheel with a function 'pressed' for a fast mode.
On left, a rotary encoder for left and right button of the mouse and 'pressed' for the middle button (which I use to freeze 'momentarily' the trackIR).
At right, a momentary switch (on)off(on) for up and down position that also corresponds to the left and right buttons of the mouse.


All driven by a Pro-Micro Arduino in 'mouse' mode.


This makes it possible to get closer to the natural movements of the (left) hand for dashboard buttons and to be able to keep the right hand on the cyclic.


I am still trying to improve the management of the wheel, simultaneous use of Interrupts and PS2 communication of the Touchpad hang the Pro-Micro Arduino.

For the moment, without solution, I do not use the interrupts, it already works well.
If a specialist in the coding of the Arduino has an idea ... 🤔



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