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Please add currently open mission to the /tech search tree

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Currently, when we want to add some nice new custom object to a mission, we first add it to our DCS local tree under /tech, and can then add this object to our mission. This approach has a significant drawback: if I were to create a multiplayer mission or publish a mission on these user files board, anyone who wants to participate in the mission must first install the custom object.


I would like it if an open mission also looks for, and adds anything that is inside the currently open .miz file's /tech tree as usable objects. That way a mission designer could easily package non-standard objects (e.g. a helipad they designed) with missions without forcing the user to first install some objects. The obvious drawback of course is that this can be inefficient since popular objects are likely to be included with multiple missions, leading to some wasted disk space. 


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