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We are a small group of enthusiastic players that would love to have a JAS-39 Gripen in DCS. We are currently using the VSN model and animations and are improving this great mod. We are adding a cockpit, authentic and unique weapons, making modifications to the SFM and we are planning for more in he future. The project just started, who knows what we will achieve! Join us on Discord and find out!

Contributing Developers

Breadmaker91, Currenthill, Double Tap, Lanky, FatSpacePanda, Ulvar40, Vinedog, Whisky Actual

Special Thanks

Luiz Renault, Neon, Jerec, Cdpkobra and Razor+


  • New high detailed textures
  • Liveries for each nation that operates the JAS-39
  • New template to create your own liveries
  • Updated animations
  • Updated exterior model (currently using the VSN model as base)
  • Gripen cockpit (clickable in the future)
  • Authentic weapons loadout 
    • AKAN M85 BK 27
    • Ews 39
    • Rb98 IRIS-T
    • Rb74 Aim-9L
    • Rb101 Meteor
    • Rb99 Aim-120b
    • Mar-1
    • AGM-65D
    • AGM-65E
    • AGM-65K
    • GBU-12
    • GBU-16
    • GBU-10
    • Mk82
    • MK83
    • Mk84
    • M71 LD
    • M70B AP
    • M70B HE
    • Brimstone
    • AGM-154C
    • GBU-31
    • BK90 MJ1
    • BK90 MJ2
    • Storm Shadow
    • RB15f Mk4
    • LDP Litening III
    • Fuel tank 1100 L
    • Fuel tank 1700 L
  • AAR refueling
  • More to come

Known Bugs

Find the full list of bugs and enhancements at TBD or report them in our Discord under #bug-reporting



STEP 1: Upgrading from an older release


STEP 2: Installing the module files.


STEP 3: Launch DCS World and verify installation


Installation Troubleshooting

(Place Holder)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you need FC3 to use the module?
    • Yes for the AA variant (F15), no for the AG variant since it use the SU25T avionics.
  • Q: Do we plan to make it a standalone?
    • Yes, but no promises since we are still exploring the limits of development without the SDK.
  • Q: Do we need test pilot?
    • Not currently, I will post here and in the discord closer to release.
  • Q: Do we plan do have a D model (two seater)?
    • Yes, but no plans for the 2nd seat to be active.
  • Q: Do you have a release date yet?
    • Not yet, soon do.

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On 4/4/2021 at 7:52 AM, Spino said:


Q: Do you have a release date yet?

  • Not yet, soon do.

The team is working hard for V1 release. Currently the AA model is done, we are now working on the AG model. Once the mod is more polished we will add information in the first post. You can follow us on Discord to have the latest information.





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52 minutes ago, TheNicePig said:

Will the current planned 1.0 release state has custom sfm and avionics or will they use avionics from FC3 Aircraft?

Good day Sir if your so kind can you please read the first post on this thread specifically Frequently Asked Questions section there you will find the answers you are looking for take care and stay safe.


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9 hours ago, Calinho said:

This is a new era of DCS mods: A-4, MB-339, A-29 and now the gripen.  keep up the good work!

Good day your right and is sad that its most likely due to the Covid 19 Close down people have had so much free time in their hands that their creativity kicks inn just to have something to do is not everybody but is quite a number of people take care and stay safe.

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