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The Carrier launch procedure dilemna

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The way we stand on the deck with my AS (Artificial Stupidity) wingman, the most convinient would be I go on catapult 2 and he goes on catapult 1, so we can launch in a short separation of time. But the stubborn guy won't agree, and if I go on cat 2 he waits behind me, because he wants to go on cat 2 too.

So I say OK, I'm CO, but to please you, I go on cat 1 so you can go on cat 2, despite the manouver is more tricky for me than for you, because you have more distance from the catapults, but it's OK.

But if I do so :

- He usually manages to launch before me and then we have a bug, our patrol enters a "recovery mode" and miss ATC enters a loop where she constantly repeats the recovery statements ("Abord approach" doesn't help, maybe once, I'm not sure).

Once I managed to launch first, but the Artificial Idiot fell in the water just after launch (maybe it was my fault, I surprised him, he tried  to join up while launching ... very funny).

So I go on CAT 2, we chat about breakfast while he's rolling, and then I have to make a large curve to enable him to join up without spending half his fuel on full afterburner.

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