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AI Combat Logic Request

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I know there's nothing that can be done about this in the near future, but I just wanted to highlight it so it's considered as part of the planned overhaul of AI combat logic.


In the last few months I've witnessed increasingly obvious incidents of the AI firing AMRAAMs into dangerous/congested situations which end up with friendlies being targeted by the missile. It happens particularly in my DCS Liberation games where there's lots happening, then last night after 45 minutes of flying in the first F-16 Red Flag mission it happened to me again (as you can see below). I wasn't even in the fight... just minding my own business and egressing the area. It particularly seems to be the F-15s that are the culprits in my games - but generally speaking, the AI has absolutely no qualms about firing AIM-120s into the middle of a congested area where friendlies are. I've got to think pilots are strictly trained not to fire active missiles into furballs like that.


So yeah... I just wanted to highlight that so it could be on the team's list of things to improve when the overhaul happens. Maybe it already is! 😀



- i7-7700k

- 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz

- GTX 1080 8GB

- Installed on SSD

- TM Warthog


DCS Modules - A-10C; M-2000C; AV8B; F/A-18C; Ka-50; FC-3; UH-1H; F-5E; Mi-8; F-14; Persian Gulf; NTTR

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