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An idea to simulate a pilot down

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Currently, If a place an aircraft at 2000ft (for example) without fuel, the pilot will eject and fall down to the ground. The pilot is visually present, but cannot be seen by enemy and cannot be killed.


Is it possible to make this "invisible to enemy" to disappear when touching the ground ?


In this case, we can make possible to a pilot to appear and make a mission to recover him.


PS : we also need an infantery dress as a pilot, thanks 😉



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17 hours ago, toutenglisse said:

It works ! In this test the pilot ejects, lands nearby the humvee (for visual purpose), and when stands up is replaced by a soldier that you can rescue.

Done with DCS event landing after ejection - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com and MIST.

test-a pilot to rescue.miz 59.2 kB · 0 downloads

Yeah, Id prefer a real pilot model rather than a soldier- its already in the game, lets make it a dynamic unit as mentioned in the podcast.

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