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Some other "Finishing Touches"

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I know we already have icing on the cake,  But I remember bringing up a while ago and was thinking of a couple little things that would be nice little finishing touches for the JF, and some other aircraft already have these features. 


When cutting off the Drag Chute the animation just cuts off the model and it disappears.  Is there a way to model a dropped chute on the ground like the SU-25T does ? 

Lastly, when contacting Ground crew to hook up external power having a 3d model of an attached GPU ground cart hook up would be a nice visual.  Doesn't need to be animated like the F-22 mod, but like the A-4 and others could just have an external GPU model show up and show attached when using external ground power maybe some GPU sounds etc.



Thanks guys.  NO BUG] Non functioning drag chute - Bugs & Issues - ED Forums


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