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Raven One Mission 3 radio menu bug after using save

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Howdy.  I've run into an issue and would like to know if anybody else has had this problem, or has a fix.


So on mission 3, you have the option to "skip" to the 2nd 1/2 of the mission after you're gas'd up.  I've done this, by using the F10 menu, and selecting "skip to tanker." 


But after I get loaded in there, it tells me to switch my comms to Pri ch 13 (or whatever)...   But after the skipping load, my radio menu will NOT pull up!  You can hit "\" all day, and it won't come up.  I know radios work, because when I'm prompted to change radios to xxx station, and hit space bar, things work fine. 


Ultimately, it leads to the request to show of force, and "tell smoke to provide cover (A) or let him do it (B)."  But the mission is permanently stuck there, because I can't open my F10 radio menu.  ...or ANY radio menu.  The radio menu JUST WON'T OPEN after you use the F10 / skip ahead function.


Again, hoping somebody knows something?  Or maybe this is a known bug?   Kinda sucks, because as much as I like flying, .... the first 1/2 of the mission is tiresome and it adds the necessity for another AAR. 


Any input is appreciated. 



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