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21 hours ago, Thumper1911 said:

I am unable to see my friends server.   

Has something changed in dcs?   I can’t seem to connect machine to machine anymore

Nothing has changed on this, self host with your DCS client a mission to play CO-OP is still possible. Just make sure the same important rules/best practices:

  1. DCS must be the same exact version ( it can happens that you can fly on the same server with different version, but it's not recommended ) Current openbeta is: at 2021.04.05
  2. DCS client that act as server/host must have a public IP address, not NATTED by its provider
  3. On Modem/Router of DCS client that act as server/host must be configured the port forwarding to the internal LAN IP of the computer  ( default is 10308 TCP and UDP )
  4. DCS client that act as server/host must add exception to allow traffic on its firewall.

Make sure you've verified all the above steps.
We use this function almost daily and we don't have any problem.


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