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MOOSE AI_PATROL_ZONE Detected EVENT, can I do a global event handler for this?

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Hey Folks,

Looking for a little lua/MOOSE help.  Looking at the documentation I believe there is a "Detect" event raised by the AI_PATROL_ZONE class when a aircraft being controlled by a AI_CAP_ZONE detects a bogie.  I am able to have a function that works like:

function AICapZone:OnAfterDetected(Controllable,From,Event,To)
	MESSAGE:New("In OnAfterDetected Function: "..Controllable.GroupName, 25):ToAll()

but I am kicking off several caps, via another function and thought I could handle this event globally.


 I have successfully done this for other DCS events like this:

-- Handles Init for clients as they enter mission.
Birth_Event_Handler = EVENTHANDLER:New()
function Birth_Event_Handler:OnEventBirth(EventData)
	if EventData.IniPlayerName then
		ClientInit( EventData.IniGroup )

but my attempts to try and handle the "AI_PATROL_ZONE:DETECT" event have failed.


Am I misunderstanding something? Any help is appreciated!



Computer Specs:

i7-6700K@4.00GHz, 32GB, 850 EVO 1TB, GTX 1080 Ti, Samsung Odyssey VR


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