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I'm not sure whether it has to work like that, but it looks to me something is wrong.


Now the issue:


When I lock a target beyond 10 nm and keep the lock in PID mode then reaching 10 nm or less switch to SVI , the radar doesn't switches to PIC automatically . I tried to do it manually but it stuck in PID. If I fire the missile, as expected, it goes dumb. I have to unlock the target and relock again to get PIC but it sounds wrong to me. 


I noticed that two months ago in BF server. It happened again yesterday in the server.


Also, if I switch to SVI prior get 10 or less nm distance , I'm loosing the target on the hud but it is still locked If I increase the radar range and PID - PIC automatic switching works . It' doesnt work just if I switch SVI when target is 10 or less nm as I mentioned above.


Attached a track file, also will post some replay videos from multiplayer servers.







PID -PIC issue.trk

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That's probably a bug, but why would you switch to SVI under 10nm whereas you still have target locked in PID? Just go manually in PIC , or just shoot and it will go on PIC automatically. 

CCM modes like SVI are meant to be used to search/lock targets within 10nm, not to switch from PID to PIC under 10mm on a target already locked. 

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Posted (edited)

Yes I know, it's just some sort of my strange habit 🙂 Sometimes I just wana to keep it in SVI when closing the distance prior to fire. But still that behaviour is not right

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