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AAR - AI continue to receive fuel after disconnecting and leaving tanker

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Pretty simple, AI continue to magically receive fuel until full, even after disconnecting from the tanker.


In the track attached, I called wingman 2 back to re-join when he had approximately 8-9K. His fuel quantity continued to increase to 14.8K even after he left the tanker.


Attached is the track, and the test mission with a fuel check script used to observe the bug. (F10 menu operated)



About to disconect, with 8.2K.



After issuing a "rejoin" command (and the aircraft warping back at light speed, another issue) with 9.2K.



And a few moments later after regaining position, with 12.8K


AAR Bug.trk - MN - AAR Test.miz





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This may or may not be related, but I also experienced extremely slow transfer rates for wingman 2 on the right hose. Myself, wingman 3 & 4 were all able to take on 11k of fuel each from the left, in the same time wingman 2 took to take the same amount once.


Track attached.


EDIT: Interestingly, I did the above test again, and again number 2 on the right hose received fuel at a glacial speed. Only this time I called him off early with a join command. After disconnecting, his fuel level remained steady, and did not continue increasing like described above. I then waited for the left hose to become free, and sent wingman 2 back to the tanker, where he started receiving fuel at normal speed. Again, I called him off early, before becoming full, and this time his fuel level continued increasing after disconnecting.


So it would seem these two issues are probably part of the same bug.


AAR Bug-2.trk

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