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How Germany Could Have Taken It All

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On 4/9/2021 at 9:07 AM, probad said:

'its never as easy as it sounds


well. i suppose practice makes perfect but its not like DCS was popular in those days and i don't think drones  were big league much either. so you have a point. i have tried using werfer-granate 21 and lobbing just above and ahead some b-17's  while trailing from behind in the fw-190 and they do the trick but you only have one (or two) opportunities to get it right...and manage to avoid the return fire. so yeah, it's not like flying a su-25 or something. i suppose the fw-190 is not the right platform for dragging around heavy ordinance. 


and the "flak" cannon idea, i believe was actually used on ju-87's. but i can see why that could not work on a fw-190 never mind on a me-109


big nails require an even bigger hammer...

we are talking hypothetically, based on what actually existed in combat at the time right? the reason i seem to focus on "bomber elimination" is because its the bombers that ultimately won the war. no need to have super dog-fighting skill if you can just hit and run with maximum destruction. isn't that how warfare is done these days?

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