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Adding waypoints as RIO

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When you're in the air, can you only edit existing waypoints? I was in the backseat with a friend, we were flying through the inferno. Started in a hot jet. So there were no waypoints loaded at takeoff. I wanted to set an IP. After inputting the Lat Long for IP it never showed up in the TID and the HSI.



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You can, the procedure is the same as on the ground


1. select the waypoint on the CAP panel 

2. punch in lat-long as you would for ground alignment or any waypoint


things to make sure of:

you put the lat long in the correct format degrees, minutes, decimal minute

you have the right N/S E/W set when entering the waypoint

your INS is aligned correctly and has not drifted

The waypoint is in the TID field of view

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