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Hey guys - I'm having issues with the point track mode for tracking moving targets. I can hardly get it to work, no matter which mode I'm in (CCR, IR). There's a clear view to my target with no clouds and I'm within 5nm as seen in the screenshot.


When I press T5_Press (lock target) the vehicle is briefly tracked for about 1/4 second before going back to INS area. Every once in a while I can get a lock long enough to get a laser rocket on target, but most of the time it behaves like this.


Anyone else experience this?



Acer Predator Triton 700 || i7-7700HQ || 512GB SSD || 32GB RAM || GTX1080 Max-Q || FFB II and Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle || All DCS Modules

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Yes, same issue here. Can be rally hard sometimes. I find it more easy to get a lock if you fly from behind the vehicle, or if the vehicles drive toward you.

Not sure if it should be like this?

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