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It would take less time to test than to post this and wait for an answer.


Create a SAM system (helpfully easy via the provided templates) and spawn a four ship flight in its engagement zone. See if it shoots them one at a time or all at once. End test.

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Just did a very quick test with the SA-10 (more on that system below), and it does seem to engage multiple targets simultaneously as long as they're part of the same group, it doesn't engage multiple groups that are separated by some distance.


But it will engage multiple aircraft simultaneously, which is accurate for the SA-10. From what I can find it can track 12 targets per battery and engage 6 simultaneously.


Very limited track below, when it engages the 2nd (right) group, the system simultaneously engaged both aircraft (missiles tracking on 2 different bearings in F10).



So regarding the SA-10...


I might be late to the party but what variant do we actually have? Information online seems to be all over the place.


DCS tells me it's the S-300PS which is designated by NATO as the SA-10b "Grumble" (which DCS agrees with) which was operational in the 80s (C:MANO says 1985 (it says decommissioned in 1991, but that was due to the breakup of the Soviet Union), an en.wikipedia agrees, but ru.wikipedia and ausairpower both say 1982)


The 5V55R is accurate (not sure about the guidance though - which I thought should be DL/INS with terminal SARH), but the RADARs all seem to be later, from S-300PM-1/PMU1(?) [NATO: SA-20 "Gargoyle"], at least according to the C:MANO database.


The TTR/FCR in DCS is designated the 30N6 [NATO: "Tombstone" ("Flap Lid C?"], which seems to be a more modernised RADAR used on the S-300PM-1/PMU1(?)/SA-20. C:MANO thinks it should be the 5N63S [NATO: "Flap Lid B"] and ru.wikipedia agrees. However, en.wikipedia thinks it should be the 30N6, but incorrectly refers to it as a surveillance RADAR, which the 30N6 is not, it's a TTR/FCR.


The primary TAR/search RADAR should either be the 5N59S/36D6 [NATO: "Tin Shield B"] or the 5N64S [NATO: "Big Bird B"]. In DCS it's designated as the 64N6E (though misspelt as 64H6E - presumably a mistranslation) [NATO: Big Bird C], which is from the later S-300PM-1/PMU1(?).


The low altitude TAR I'm not sure on; DCS designates it as the 5N66M [NATO: "Clam Shell"] C:MANO designates it as the 5N66 which is just the earlier version (which I'd expect it to be on an 80s system, as that's basically when the S-300 was introduced).



For the launchers en.wikipedia, ru.wikipedia and ausairpower.net thinks they should be the 5P85S and the 5P85D (the former controlling a group of the latter); DCS has the D, but it calls the S the C - presumably another mistranslation.



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