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[RESOLVED] Antenna Elevation Axis

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I'm having trouble getting the antenna elevation to work when assigned to an axis. I have two different types of axis I'm trying it with.


1) rotary: however moving this at all causes the antenna elevation to begin to slide up or down and won't stop unless I move the rotary knob back to center, but it's incredibly sensitive and is not conducive to how I'd expect it to work, which would be an absolute movement, where I move the knob and it simply moves the antenna to that knob location and stays there


2) a wobble (left right): i use this with the F/A-18 to slide the antenna up or down while holding the wobble axis left or right. Upon letting go, the antenna stays put. However in the JF-17 moving the wobble either left or right causes the antenna to shoot to the extremes and then back to the middle, making it useless for this action.


Can someone let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if the antenna elevation axis are currently broken? Thanks!


EDIT: nevermind! I swapped the two elevation axis commands and now they work as expected

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