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Loss of FPS and GPU load when speeding up time

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So I just came back to DCS after a break of a few months. I noticed that when I speed up time to test my own missions, the FPS drops down from ~60-100 to 10, and the GPU and CPU load drop as well, to the point where the game lags if sped up by more than ~3. This was not the case this summer, when I could increase the speed up to 15-20 without any issues at all. The only things that remain unchanged are (low) HDD/SDD use and (high) RAM use, while CPU and GPU use drop. Has anything changed since then, or is it some weird driver issue on my part?

My specs are as follows: Ryzen 5 3600, AMD RX 5700, 16 GB of RAM.


edit: I should also add, this is entirely independent of graphics settings. Turning everything to the lowest had no difference, the framerate went down to 10fps at 4x speed. Also, it seems like the performance drop has some sort of cycle - the game runs through 4-5 seconds extremely fast, than hangs for about half a second, then runs fast again and so on. It's as if something every second or so was holding up the game.

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It isn't a bug. When you speed up time, more stuff has to happen in the sim for each frame. So, you get fewer frames per second of real time.


Makes sense?




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It does, except as I wrote the same exact computer was not dropping this much FPS a few months ago, running the same mission (not that it matters - it drops down to 10fps even in a simple cold start mission). As I wrote, I could easily run time sped up by a factor 15/20 without any issues, not going beyond 3x is pointless. Something's definitely changed since this summer, hence my report.

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