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Random loss of keyboard in DCS VR in MP

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I am suffering from this bug ever since I got my Reverb G2. I launch DCS from within the WMR Cliffhouse and normally everything works fine. However, when I join a multiplayer server or a mission reloads on the server I already joined, there is a 50/50 chance that I will lose my keyboard. Only Num5 (VR center) and Alt-Tab keys still work. Mouse and joystick also still work. But nothing else, including keystrokes generated by Thrustmaster TARGET. I can't use Esc or Alt-F4 to exit DCS, so I must close it from the taskbar (and confirm with mouse). I don't think this ever happened in SP missions or when I was flying with Oculus Rift before.  


Edit: Windows and other programs still work fine. DCS definitely has focus. I tried Win-Y to no avail. Repaired/updated multiple times. Latest Open Beta.


I attached my logs if someone could have a look. Thanks!


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Sorry I have no help but can relate. I had issues with keyboard not responding in one particular MP server, couldn’t figure it out and then it stopped. Sorry for no help, but wanted to chime in that you’re not alone with experiencing this at some point.  

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