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Appreciating the Hornet module

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let's look a little deeper into the Hornet's development timeline.   We are in spring of 2021, the Hornet isn't "finished" as in it's still Early Access. Near as I can tell, it was released to us in Early Access in May 2018.


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet will be released to the DCS World 2.5 Open Beta next week, May 30th! 



That's about 3 years of Early Access, so far.


Also notice in the video, that by May 2018, Hornet had ALREADY been in development for "several years of very hard work".  I looked up the definition of "several" and got different answers, but seems to mean 3 or more. This would seem to suggest that Wags might have been meaning the Hornet was started roughly maybe in about 2015. I don't know if that means data collection started to gain a knowledge database of the aircraft to be modeled, or if he means a high def model and flight characteristics were starting to be created that year. And please, do NOT bug Wags about this, I'm very sure he's got a lot on his plate, doesn't need any more agravation from us customers!


But, BEFORE early access, it was in development for years, and I don't know how far back. This video Wags made, introduced us to the Hornet "Pre-Alpha", which although it was a very early state, still likely had quite a bit of development to even reach the stage shown in the vid. Please note that the video was uploaded to youtube  on Jun 17, 2017 :



So what's my point? 


That ED seemed to have roughly started developing the Hornet sometime in 2015, and while truly amazing results have been achieved in April 2021, they STILL have not declared it "finished"! This is not a criticism in ANY way of ED or their results, rather I mean to illustrate just how much incredible efforts, time blood sweat and tears have been expended to bring us ONE SINGLE ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCT that we buy for the same price as a retail budget joystick. Think about that.  We buy WARTHOGS and Virplis for many hundreds of dollars, with screens or VR for hundreds or thousands of dollars, with vid cards and pc's that total in the thousands, to run a Hornet module we bought on a 25% off sale, for about half or less, than what you'd pay for a budget concious T.16000M stick. Not the whole HOTAS, just the stick.


Ask yourself: what took more development time and effort, investment and frustrations, a decent joystick, or the Hornet module's creation into the work of art that it is today?!



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I for one have been enjoying the Hornet very much, last Hornet I flew was Janes circa 2001.


If we can just get the dynamic campaign and supercarrier completed, all the stars and moons would be aligned for this old simmer.

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I absolutely love the Hornet.

Once I finally buckled down and set my mind to learning the thing rather than just joyriding around in it, I really fell in love with it.

Now I am on my 4th campaign and having an absolute blast! I still have  a lot to learn I am sure but man I so love single player campaign flying with it. Especially flying ops off the carrier and even more so the Super Carrier. What a rush!



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3 hours ago, IkarusC42B Pilot said:

What do you mean by 

Specifically the quote marks


I just pointing out that ED are still developing things for it, that they still consider this part of the Early Access period. That's all.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed the module. I will add that I still hope ED will also one day be able to build a module for the F/A-18E or F Super Hornet.

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Best DCS module imo. ~2000 hours in the pit and no end in sight, will always be my favorite aircraft in DCS. For me it was more than worth the price and it would still be if i would've payed double the price, hell even triple the price. Compare that to an ordinary AAA title one pays 60€ for and finish it after 20 hours. I'm playing flight sims and countless other games since the early 90's and the DCS Hornet has clearly one of the best cost/performance ratio of all games i ever installed. Outstanding work with this bird by ED!

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