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Quest 2 is now the most used VR Headset on Steam

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Like it or not, seems Oculus is still dominating the VR scene.

That is quite something for the Quest 2 now being the most used VR headset on Steam especially as it is not a native Steam VR device.


Again I am no longer a big fan of Oculus now that I have moved on to Reverb G2, but dang they sure seem to be driving the growth in VR these days.

And I will also say again - this - is  a very good thing for VR overall.




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Don B


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As much as i hate to say it , our access to VR prolly wouldn't exist without FB . The Rift prolly couldn't have been brought to the mass market without Zuck's cash .

I note also that Oculus Rift , Rift S , and Q2 alone account for > 50% of total Steam VR users .

So yes , in spite of my distaste for FB , their efforts have been good for VR .

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No surprise here.  Their Price/performance ratio is unmatched.  They're also just about the only big player that is still actively investing in VR technology, while Valve is focusing more effort on brain interface, and Microsoft seems to be favoring AR rather than VR.  Apple might become another big player but they're at least a year away.  The next Oculus headset, whatever that's called, should set the bar even higher.

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Agreed - The release of the Q2 can only benefit the VR world and push it to new heights.


I also started my VR experience with the Oculus Quest 2 earlier this year. However, I have now moved onto the HP Reverb G2 (this week). The next 24-36months is where I personally feel VR will really start to get exciting (quality & performance).


Paul "Dodge / LondonLad"


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