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The Huey Tourey - Ranking Maps by Beauty

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After countless hours of pounding action behind the stick of fast movers like Hornet, Falcon and Flanker I have discovered a completely new form of flying: Helicopters. Not that I'm particularly good at it, but after simply rushing over the terrain to attack my next target, I have now come to appreciate moving slow and deliberately. And I have also discovered a near Zen-like tranquility by simply flying, without engaging a single enemy - and simply admiring the view.


Granted, not all maps are created equally in this regard, and so I have decided, based on purely personal taste to rank my maps by their attractiveness from a sightseeing standpoint - and to solicit additional locations I should visit.

I ranked my maps simply by their beauty and touristic attractivenes and came up with this: 


  • NTTR
    Bah. Once you visited the Strip and Hoover Dam, you've pretty much seen it all. Nothing tranquil about dust and Dairy Queens.
  • SOH
    One step up from Nevada, with some interesting details, this map is still heartless, dry and empty. It makes for some great tactical encounters, but once you take out the adrenaline, I discovered that there is no heart left. Dubai and all the other cities simply are grids over grids. 
  • Caucaus
    Initially, I thought that this map would score dead last - but its rolling hills, multiple seasons and sheer variety still make it interesting to explore. Following a meandering river up to it's source is fun, and even if it's an old map I believe I can still feel the love that went into creating it
  • The Cannel
    A complete surprise to me just how wonderful and peaceful a slow flight along the cliffs or across Minster can be. It makes sense, as this map was created for slower-flying warbirds, but I sat slack-jawed I decided to land next to a factory Noyelles-sur-Mer only to count the buttercups that dotted the grass across the yard where the asphalt ended.
  • Syria
    Ho boy. No Contest. Sheer beauty. Organic flow of rivers, streets, villages and tree lines. Perfect water. Never boring, always changing. Little details flowing into a greater whole. Yes, Damascus can get a bit repetitive, I grant you, but flying around Beqaa or Haifa is pure bliss.


So that's my take on these maps. Do you have any recommendations for beautiful locations I should visit? Please let me know - it's a fun and relaxing way to build up my helicopter skill, and I'm getting an incredible amount of additional mileage out of my maps.



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I agree with you! It seems you don't have Normandy, and I'll rate that one on par with the Channel map. The rolling hills/fields in France. There's just something about them.

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Looks like the Easter Bunny will have to deliver one more egg then
Thanks, @MAXsenna
You sure like eggs. Want some more? If you're into helis, a Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 will do you good, if you can find one. Unless you've got one though.
The same goes for the collective made by @K-51. Even though the waiting list is probably long, it's well worth the wait.
These two suggestions makes all the difference en helicopters for me.

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On 4/2/2021 at 5:25 PM, cfrag said:

Do you have any recommendations for beautiful locations I should visit?

NTTR - Colorado canyon, UFO in Dreamland, The spider

Caucasus - Inguri Dam, Roki tunnel

PG - ancient ruins, Khasab and area to the north

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