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Split AI AAR command into 2: Full fuel & Landing fuel

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Often, when returning to the carrier from a mission, my wingmen are significantly lower on fuel than I am. Whilst I may be arriving back with 3000-5000lbs, they’ll have significantly less and need a refuel to avoid possibly ejecting in the arrival pattern. However, when refuelling prior to landing, AI always fill up the tanks completely, putting themselves way over max landing weight. Its possible to call them off the tanker with a "rejoin" call, but it's hit and miss how much fuel they have taken on.


What we need is the AI wingman refuel radio command "Go to tanker", to offer two options, "Full fuel", and a "Fuel to land" option, which would only fuel the aircraft up to max landing weight.


Having this function accessible within the mission editor and via lua script, would also be useful for those who would like to pre plan its use.

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